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Selling Your Practice?

You spent years building a practice. Ultimately, every practice owner

will reach a point when it’s time to sell or transition.

Internal Due Diligence Analysis

Pre-Sale Preparation

At Pharus Group, we believe knowledge is power.  As a Seller, you should have a clear understanding of your practice value and any potential deficiencies in the practice that could drive the value down or stand in the way of a successful transition.

Pharus Group will work with the pratice owner before going to market to look for ways to enhance enterprise value.

Our senior management team has years of experience handling successful mergers and acquisitions and will help navigate the process from beginning to end.


We will work closely with you to guarantee this transition is completed as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Following the due diligence analysis, a plan will be presented taking into account the desired goals and objectives of the practice  owners (shareholders) and the corrective action required to get the practice ready to present to prospective buyers. 

Our multi-disciplined business management team stands ready to implement the action plan to enhance the value and performance of the business and prepare the practice for sale.


Due Diligence Analysis will include review of:

• Financial Reporting and Controls

• Profitability / Equity position

• Revenue streams / contractually recurring revenue

• Organizational Structure

• Ownership & Control of the Practice

• Succession Planning

• Management Depth

• Customer Diversity


• Proprietary Services

• Sales Pipeline

• Market Awareness / Penetration

• Service & Customer diversity

• Expertise

• Operational Effectiveness

• Compliance with Laws / Litigation Issues

• Professional Advisors (Legal / Tax / Investment)


Practice Valuation:

Valuation can make or break a business sale because for many sellers, attaching a dollar value to their practice is a touchy subject — especially if they have spent years building it from a fledgling start-up to a profitable practice. Left unchecked, the valuation process can quickly devolve into a pricing routine that is rooted in personal attachments and other subjective inputs rather than solid data based on marketplace realities.


Business brokers and valuation experts often find that sellers are surprised to discover that the valuation process yields a lower-than-expected asking price for their practice. The good news is that if you are not happy with your practice' estimated value, there are steps you can take to increase it prior to a sale. It is important to start immediately, as you need to start planning months or years in advance to implement the kinds of changes that substantially improve the value of your practice.



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